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Step 01
Design means the whole process from bare plot to building permit for the villa of your dreams.

In accordance with your wishes, the design team -consisting of a designer, an architect and a constructor - will draw & develop your house, for the plot you own. Designs can vary from rustic (farmhouse-style) to ultra-modern, according to your wishes.

Designing involves; determination of your requirements, study of local building-regulations, landclearance, topographic-study, geographic-study & several design-phases up to architectural-project ready for submitting to local council.
Step 02
After obtaining the building permit for your property, a Spanish House affiliated construction company will construct your villa. It is a relief for us to be finally able to offer you this service, since it means that we can give you a full guarantee.

We guarantee you that our affiliated construction company, "House Villas Sitges S.L.", will offer you a quality product, realized by experienced craftsmen and finished the way you want it.
Step 03
We give a written ten-year guarantee and insurance on possible structural defects.
Furthermore, we guarantee you a fixed price and a turn-key delivery of your villa. This means that we control and manage the construction, from foundation to the last lick of paint.
A service which is exceptional in todays real-estate market in Spain. Our service means you do not have to be in Spain to built the house of your dreams.

(We do not design or build pre-fab or pre-designed houses. We can only guarantee our work in the area in and around Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes and Olivella).

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